My Muse Monday – a weekly writing meme


A weekly writing round-up for all of those in the writing trenches.

Hey everyone, so I recently discovered all of these wonderful weekly reading blog meme’s, and then I scoured the internet to try to find something similar for writers, and I failed miserably.

It may be that my google skills aren’t as sharp as I thought they were, (and if that’s the case someone please point me in the direction of any writer’s meme’s – apart from prompts) but in the mean time, I thought I’d start one of my own. YAY!

Introducing … My Muse Monday (once Scribble Summary Sunday)

This is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them. (Edit, changed to Monday, because I realized I do a LOT of my writing on Sunday and I just got to have this counted in my stats for the week!)

Specifically you can answer all OR any of the following questions:

  • Name of your WIP (Only if you want to disclose)
  • Goals for the week ahead
  • Stats for the previous week – how much did you write or revise, were you happy with it?
  • Biggest challenge that you faced or/and biggest success
  • The biggest thing that surprised you–it may be a plot-bunny (taking your plot in a different direction), an unplanned character, an unplanned location that’s going to take your plot in a different direction… anything!
  • Any helpful tips/tricks you learnt? – feel free to post a link to the article/blog/vlog

Once you’ve written your post, leave a comment with the link to your post url (not your blog) and check out what other writers have to say this week. This should be a super fun way to meet other writers, and support each other through those tough weeks and celebrate with each other through the highs.

I’ll go first…

Name of WIP: Why I exist

Where I am at with it: I began writing this WIP a few weeks ago and I am nearing the 16,000 word mark.

Stats for the Week: It was a pretty rough week for me, my muse abandoned ship and left me to slog it out while she took a break on Paradise Island sipping margaritas. Never to worry, I lassoed her back in and we got SOME writing done, not a hell of a lot though. Stats: 1500 words roughly.

Goals for next week: Mid-range goal: I want to crack the 20,000 word mark by the end of next week.  Shooting for the stars goal: I want to crack 23,000 by Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Biggest challenge: I was writing a particularly dark scene this week and I found it really hard to ‘find’ my MC’s voice during this – she’s an optimist and it was hard to break her down and know what she’d think when she’s going through something dark.

Helpful tips: I read a really awesome article on Janice Hardy’s Fiction University Blog, but by Beth Revis called how to know when you’re ready to publish (it wasn’t relevant to where I am at with my writing, being in first draft mode, but I like to read widely as I write, and I thought it had some interesting tips).

Okay writers, if you feel like it, feel free to leave a url to your blog post telling us all about how your Muse performed this week in your own ‘My Muse Monday‘.

Can’t wait to chat with you all and see your writing progress.

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