My Muse Monday – 13 July 2015


A weekly writing round-up for all of those in the writing trenches.

This is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them.

Specifically you can answer all OR any of the following questions:

  • Name of your WIP (Only if you want to disclose)
  • Goals for the week ahead
  • Stats for the previous week – how much did you write or revise, were you happy with it?
  • Biggest challenge that you faced or/and biggest success
  • The biggest thing that surprised you–it may be a plot-bunny (taking your plot in a different direction), an unplanned character, an unplanned location that’s going to take your plot in a different direction… anything!
  • Any helpful tips/tricks you learnt? – feel free to post a link to the article/blog/vlog

Alrighty, this weeks ‘My Muse Monday’…

Name of WIP: Why I exist or The Reason Why

Where I am at with it: It was a very social week at our household, with lots of lovely people staying over throughout the week and weekend, which was a lot of fun but meant that writing took a back seat. But, for the rest of July there are no social occasions in the calendar so fingers crossed I will be able to write like the wind and complete  Camp Nano. I am roughly 25 % through my novel and have just hit the point of no return. Yay! Actually, I am in the middle of writing it, and it is a lot of fun, but I’m also weary of getting things right. (Though I can fix things in revisions I keep trying to tell myself!)

Stats for the Week: Again, not as productive as I would’ve liked (Curses, I’m starting to sound like a broken record), I only really wrote one day, yesterday, and wrote almost 2000 words. Not the best, but it is progress. Stats: 1700 words roughly, around the 20500 word mark.

Goals for next week: Okay, without people staying with us this week I have high HOPES for a big writing week. Come on, Stace. Goal: 7000 words, not too high, not to scary, I can do this.

Biggest challenge: Again, this week was finding time, it felt damn near impossible all week. Also, I faced a challenge of when to drop in certain info into my story, I think I’ve brought it in too early and as a result the motivations of one of my characters doesn’t quite make sense. I’m going to check this with my lovely alpha reader Diyana. I’ve got a big inkling that it will need to come in later, or I need to have (create) a damn good reason for why it happens now.  My biggest success was getting to the point of no return for my character, which means a change of scenery for Spero – Yay – no more psych ward. Plus, Spero gets to meet Aquila for real SOOOON. Yay. These scenes are my favourite. Also, Spero and Ollie had a scene together again, there friendship is possibly my favourite part of this story.

Helpful tips: Another SUPER helpful article from K M Weiland on one of the biggest mistakes authors make with character arcs, take a read here: The Hardest Part of Writing Character Arcs.

Okay writers, if you feel like it, feel free to leave a url to your blog post telling us all about how your Muse performed this week in your own ‘My Muse Monday‘.

Can’t wait to chat with you all and see your writing progress.

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