My Muse Monday – 20 July 2015

MMM7My Muse Monday – 20 July 2015

A weekly writing round-up for all of those in the writing trenches.

This is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them.

Specifically you can answer all OR any of the following questions:

  • Name of your WIP (Only if you want to disclose)
  • Goals for the week ahead
  • Stats for the previous week – how much did you write or revise, were you happy with it?
  • Biggest challenge that you faced or/and biggest success
  • The biggest thing that surprised you–it may be a plot-bunny (taking your plot in a different direction), an unplanned character, an unplanned location that’s going to take your plot in a different direction… anything!
  • Any helpful tips/tricks you learnt? – feel free to post a link to the article/blog/vlog

Alrighty, this weeks ‘My Muse Monday’…


Sorry guys, I ended up taking a break from my WIP this week. My Muse was crying out for a break, and I had ignored the signs for a while, and eventually, with a huge amount of work piled on in the day job, and prepping things for our move to the UK, including getting our apartment ready for tenanting, I realized I needed to break from writing. I kind of crashed and binge watched a few new series (Empire and Wayward Pines – both are really good!) So I ended up writing zip. I trust you did better than me!

Goals for this week: get back to writing, even if it’s just one scene. I’m pretty sure I need to rework the last scene that I did which is probably one of the reasons why I needed space from writing, at least I’ve got a bit more perspective on that now.

Helpful tips: Another SUPER helpful article on the Fiction University webiste on how silence between dialogue can be powerful: Don’t speak: the power of what’s left unsaid – by Bonnie Randall

Okay writers, if you feel like it, feel free to leave a url to your blog post telling us all about how your Muse performed this week in your own ‘My Muse Monday‘.

Can’t wait to chat with you all and see your writing progress.

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