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I’m Stacey Campbell, I  have been dabbling in writing for a couple of years now. I love writing novels in the YA genre, particularly when the novel is dark and gritty with a strong take-no-prisoners kind of female lead.

I grew up in New Zealand, right at the bottom of the South Island–you could say there wasn’t much too do, except read and invent stories–and you’d be right! Though I love my tiny home-town.

I went to Uni, got a degree in law and teamed it with marketing to satisfy my creative side. I worked as an employment solicitor for a couple of years before deciding to move into the public sector. So now I live in our nations Capital, advising on employment matters during the day, and fitting in writing whenever I can–night and weekends.

I’m a home-body at heart and enjoy reading anything (pretty much) but mainly: YA, fantasy and psychological thrillers.

I am in the process of completing my second novel, and will document how I get on from here on out.

Come follow me on twitter at: Stace_Campbell3.


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